Help Heavenly & Jeslyn compete in Orlando, Fl!!!

These little ladies competed locally in the Cayman Islands’ branch of the International Girl pageant which was held at the Harquail Theatre on 14 May 2022. Each of them took home the winning title for their divisions! 
Now, with the support of our community, they can have the unforgettable, life-changing opportunity to fly to Orlando with the group of Cayman participants – these pageant experiences help to teach them etiquette, public speaking, confidence, poise and community outreach – with such activities, they are sure to go on to become future leaders in our community as many of our former Cayman pageant queens have done.

Your sponsorship would help to cover airfare, accommodations, transportation, wardrobe, meals and fees for these two little ladies to ensure they do not miss out on this amazing opportunity – every bit counts and helps us to get there! We hope you get the chance to browse their cute website and hopefully choose to become a sponsor and join their journey as the 2022 Tiny Miss and 2022 Petite Miss Queens.

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I am 6 year old Heavenly, and this is my little sister Jeslyn – we are from the lovely Bodden Town,  Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands!

On 14 May 2022 we won the wonderful titles of 2022 Tiny Miss Queen (Jeslyn) and Petite Miss Queen (ME!) at the Cayman International Girl Pageant at the Harquail Theatre!

We worked so very hard, practiced often and wanted to do our very best – and we did! We won! We were confident and learnt so much during the 3 months preparing – I am so proud of myself and my little 4 year old sister, Jessie!

Now, our journey is just beginning! My Cayman pageant sisters and I are off on another pageant adventure in Orlando, Florida on 16 July to 22 July 2023. This will be my second trip to the big USA and I really do not want to miss it!


Hi there! I am mommy to these two precious, well-accomplished (for their tender age) young ladies and we are hoping that kind community members will help to make this experience possible for these little girls! We have budgeted that this trip will cost up to $7,000 – and we are some dollars short to make this happen after coming together as a family and a pageant group to do so. It is now, only with the generous help of our community members that we can make this possible! This is not “just a pageant” – this is an opportunity for these little girls to continue to develop poise, confidence, belief in self and gain the experience of a lifestyle alongside other poised and confident girls and women from around the world! Please be a part of the journey! Please help us get these kiddos to Orland, Florida on 16 July 2023! Every bit counts! Send us a message if you have any questions!

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